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Easy-to-use anti-cellulite body treatment
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Clean Skin Without Cellulite

using an innovative formula

  • Completely eliminates cellulite
    due to the high content of seaweed extracts
  • Increases elasticity
    and resilience of skin
    by 92%
  • Splits subcutaneous fat
    by using caffeine
  • Fights all causes of cellulite
  • Eliminates ugly stains and spider veins
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Having a cellulite means
you haven’t used Nivele
Cream NIVELE is a new scientific development that fuses all the advantages of creams created by previous generations. Carefully balanced constituents and an innovative formula make it one of the most effective ways for dealing with cellulite, to date.
NIVELE cream contains about 50 biologically active substances that act immediately on all causes of cellulite. It heals the skin and does no harm to the body. The cream works over a sustained time period and helps prevent the development of cellulite in the future.
As numerous clinical studies reveal and from experiences sent to us by ordinary customers NIVELE helps to cope with 99% of cellulite cases. More than one million customers around the world have already chosen this cream, which has allowed most of them to forget about the extremely unattractive "orange peel" look forever.
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Unique benefits of Nivele
  • Completely eliminates cellulite

    in just one course

  • Splits the subcutaneous fat
  • Displaces excess fluid and toxins
  • Strengthens connective tissue
  • Provides the skin with nutrients
  • Improves skin tone and elasticity
  • Eliminates fat deposits
  • Improves the fat cells metabolism
  • Improves microcirculation
    and strengthens blood vessels
  • NIVELE cream will clear your skin from cellulite with:
    • No surgery
    • No pain
    • No terrible diets
    • No expensive drugs
    • No serious spending on beauty salons
    • No debilitating physical exercises
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    is easy to use
    for the best result
    • Squeeze a small amount ofcream on your palm
    • Using a massaging action apply the NIVELE cream to problematic areas
    • Repeat 2-3 times a day
    Use the cream course
    depending on the stage of your cellulite:
    Stage I
    Stage II
    Stage III
    Stage IV
    1 week
    2-3 weeks
    3-4 weeks
    4-5 weeks
    Full course of Nivele only takes 4 weeks!
  • Week 1:
    The skin is noticeably tighter, as it becomes healthier. Gradually, the droopiness goes.
  • Week 2:
    The cellulite subsides, the tubercles are less pronounced. The elasticity and resilience of the skin is increased.
  • Week 3:
    "Orange peel" is much less evident, the tubercles disappear completely; the skin acquires a healthier color.
  • Week 4:
    There is no trace of cellulite. The skin looks beautiful, fit and young. No "orange peel" even when squeezed.
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    The cause of cellulite
    and how Nivele fights with it

    According to doctor’s latest statements cellulite is not only a cosmetology problem, but a real disease, which affects both men and women.

    Cellulite is a change in the structure of the subcutaneous fat cells. In the affected areas, the metabolism is disturbed, which leads to abnormal growth of fat cells, accumulation of excess fluid, metabolic products and toxins. All this brought together gives an unattractive look to skin, sadly known as so-called “orange peel”.

    NIVELE normalizes the metabolism in all the skin layers and removes the accumulated subcutaneous fat, which leads to a significant decrease in the "orange peel" look and returns elasticity and resilience to the skin.

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    The effectivness of Nivele
    is based on a High Caffeine concentration
    more details on cream
    • Cola extract
      It activates the skin renewal processes and rejuvenation, increases capillary permeability, improves lymphatic drainage, reduces subcutaneous fat, improves blood microcirculation and promotes softening and the careful removal of surface skin cells.
    • Seaweed extract
      It removes excess fluid from the subcutaneous layers, reduces tubercles and irregularities in the skin, activates the process of splitting fats and removes puffiness. It prevents the appearance of excess fat and excretion products in the intercellular space.
    • Calendula extract
      It cleanses skin cells of toxins, rejuvenates and smooths the skin, making it elastic again, improves skin color. It dissolves hydrophobic toxins and improves endocrine glands. The extract also expands the pores, enhances the effects of the other ingredients of the cream, ensuring their penetration into the deeper layers of the skin.
    Up to now caffeine is the most famous natural stimulating and vasodilating agent, which, thanks to its unique properties, is able to combat subcutaneous fat effectively and activates active fat reduction. In addition, caffeine accelerates metabolism, normalizes lymphatic drainage and stimulates the blood circulation.
    Expert conclusion
    from Adamson T., cosmetologist

    “Currently, the problem of cellulite is more urgent than ever. Previously this disease appeared at between 30 to 40 years of age. Today signs of cellulite can be seen in 18-year-old girls. And the really terrible thing is that cellulite won't go by itself. Over time, it will only develop further, greatly reducing the attractiveness of a person.

    You can get rid of cellulite by using special means. For example, NIVELE cream is a great helper. This is an innovative development by scientists, which uses the modern technology of cold extraction, which allows maximum useful plant substances to be extracted for production in the cream.

    Due to the high content of extracts of caffeine, seaweed, cola and calendula, NIVELE influences cellulite in a complex way and eliminates all causes of its appearance. To date, the cream NIVELE is one of the most effective and safe means to fight cellulite, which I recommend to all my patients.”

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    Our customers say
    Sarah, 34 years old
    “The cream is wonderful! I had cellulite, which I could not get rid of for several years. I've tried different ways, including various creams and traditional recipes, to anti-cellulite programs in salons. Nothing helped as much as NIVELE. Ninety to ninety five percent of my cellulite was gone in just a month! Very good cream, especially for this price. Pleasantly surprised”
    Martha, 29 years old
    “I liked the effect of the cream. The skin became smoother, resilient and more elastic indeed. I didn’t have severe cellulite (it appeared during pregnancy), but it passed completely. Moreover, the spider veins disappeared, and the color of the skin improved. I used the NIVELE cream for about 2 weeks. I recommended it to my friend, she also liked it”
    Helena, 52 years old
    “After cellulite appeared on my skin, my husband left me. I looked really unsexy. After the divorce, everything just got worse. Because of the stress, as the doctor said. As a result, I struggled with cellulite for almost 5 years. During this time, I got very insecure about myself, I couldn’t even undress at the beach. I don’t know what would have happened if I had not accidentally found out about this cream! It literally saved me. I won’t say that cellulite passed quickly (mine was at stage Three), but eventually it’s gone completely! Now my skin is smoothed and toned again. I combined the use of the cream with massages. To all who have not tried this cream, and who suffer from cellulite, I highly recommend it! The cream of NIVELE will help!”
    Nataly, 41 years old
    “I suffered from a cellulite for a long time. Orange peel, bumps, swelling - in general, all the “delights” of cellulite. I tried anti-cellulite diets and exercise, but there was no effect. I’ve also tried different creams, so I had no special faith in NIVELE. But it helped more than anything else. Already a week after starting using the cream, I noticed the result – the mounds began to go, and the skin stretched. Now I have no cellulite at all. Many thanks to those who invented the NIVELE cream! Now I know how to deal with cellulite, if it suddenly appears again.”
    Extra benefits of Nivele
    • Contains many useful vitamins and microelements
      which additionally heal the skin
    • Innovative formula with synergistic effect
      each ingredient reinforces the actions of others
    • Affordable price
    • Notable results in just a few days
      after starting to use it
    • Completely natural: does not contain GMO
      alcohol, harmful to health dyes or preservatives
    • A certified product
      that passed all necessary tests
    • The easiest way to get rid of cellulite
    Just Imagine What Your Life Will Be Like As You Get Rid Of Cellulite!
    • You can be proud of your body – because it will no longer have an "orange peel" look
    • You’ll become beautiful, sexy and self-confident again
    • Men will stop looking at you with disgust and you’ll be desirable again
    • If you were suffering from loneliness you can finally find the man of your dreams
    • You’ll stop being shy of your body and be able to wear open clothes
    • Your husband falls in love with you again and will stop looking at other girls
    Nivele helps you get rid of cellulite in just 2-4 weeks and has already helped many women worldwide.
    Allow yourself to bring back your beauty!
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    Nivele Easy-to-use anti-cellulite body treatment
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